Thank you, everyone, for believing in Slothee. More success to come.

We are happy to share this news with everyone. Our First Session in VinDAX is a success. We want to thank everyone who believed in Slothee.

This is a new age for Slothee and we see this as an opportunity to build the World’s best business networking mobile app in Blockchain. Ethereum’s Whisper is a P2P message delivery Protocol in which message travels through nodes of the Mainnet and get’s delivered to the end user. No messages are stored in a centralized server thus paving the way for a private chat.

Our MVP is already live in both Appstore and…

VinDAX is all set to launch Slothee IEO on June 3rd, 2019

Slothee has made an agreement with VinDAX to do its IEO. Slothee SLO is set to go live on VinDAX Launchpad at 13:00(UTC) on 3rd of June, 2019.

VinDAX is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange located in Vietnam. VinDAX offers multi-coin support and has industry leaders backing them.

Slothee’s VinDAX sale is split into 2 sessions, the first session will be open for sale on 13:00(UTC) on the 3rd of June, 2019. The second session will be open on 13:00(UTC) on the 5th of June, 2019. For more details on token price and sale details, click on the following link.

Slothee was looking for new exchanges to be listed for IEO to get more community members and funding for the project. Slothee now confirmed its talks and finalized its next IEO exchange.

After the integration process of SLO into the exchange by the developers, it will be officially announced by the exchange in its social mediums and in its website. The exchange will be revealed in the next post.

Slothee is the World’s first IEO for business networking with its idea of making communications private and protecting user data privacy by the adoption of blockchain technologies.






Slothee SLO is currently listed in ADAX( and Sistemkoin(

It is now in talks with additional exchanges like Dcoin( and top other major Exchanges to expand it’s IEO which will be revealed soon once the talks are finalized.

Bringing in new exchanges will help Slothee to increase its community, its investors count thereby bringing in more community for Slothee and for its product Slothee app. So it will be a Win-Win situation for investors, exchanges , and Slothee.

SLO now looks for new ways to expand into the market and for bringing in users.

Meanwhile, MVP is continuing to be developed as a full-fledged product adopting Ethereum’s Whisper to its core module by replacing the Centralized system by our Technology Team.






SLO tokens are currently priced at $0.08 in IEO exchanges for the token sale. This token value will increase after IEO as it is designed to be like this. Slothee has three business models all will be using SLO with additional cryptocurrencies for transferring values within the app.

Premium business account in Billboard feature where anyone can see statistics on how their posts are performing in different geographies, unique and repeat visitors, etc,… Slothee will accept SLO for subscribing to the business premium account.

PayE(Pay As You Earn) in Cafe feature also known as Wikipedia Model where users can transfer…

Slothee is proud to announce the addition of three well-regarded professionals as a members of its advisory board. This addition is fruitful in the time of its IEO.

Ms. Sanen Avcil has worked on ICO &STOs as Advisor which have raised a total $41.9M. Ms. Sanem is an experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the emerging tech industry. Skilled in Blockchain, ICO, Initial Coin Offerings, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Advisory, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. She is a strong entrepreneurship professional studied at MIT Entrepreneurship (online) Harvard CS50 (Online) Stanford Computer Science (Online) and IBM Blockchain Fundamentals.

Ms. Dolly…

Sistemkoin will be launching Slothee IEO, where they will be selling Slothee (SLO) tokens from 15th of May 2019.

Slothee is a modern business networking platform aimed at connecting people with like-minded, insightful business professionals across all fields. It is disheartening to hear about data breaches, privacy issues and user tracking in current social networking applications which makes it hard to be relied upon by business professionals.

Slothee addresses this problem by making communication P2P so no one listens to it by using Ethereum’s Whisper technology. …

We wish to start this announcement by thanking you for your support and trust. Without you, our project wouldn’t have made it this far, so your consideration is highly valued and appreciated. The Slothee project is making an available total of 280,000,000 SLO tokens (including bonus) to the general public in the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).

Here are the steps you should take to participate in Slothee IEO:

IEO launch date: Since most of the blockchain based startups are financing their projects through ICO, the IEO’s are comparatively rare. …

Happy Easter to All!

Slothee is pleased to announce the addition of yet another advisor, Mr. Nozomu Nakazato, further expanding its advisory board’s capabilities, solidifying the success of its project.

It is a very well-known fact that Slothee’s project is amongst the year’s favorite IEOs, having already amassed quite a global following and created quite a stir within the cryptocurrency and blockchain worlds.

Slothee is honored to have been noticed and thankful for the support it’s receiving as well as for the overwhelming welcome within the crypto community. Highly esteemed ICO experts have noticed our project and have offered their…

Slothee is proud to announce the addition of well-regarded individual as a member of its advisory board, Ms.Maura Bărbulescu, further expanding its multinational composition, character, and presence.

We are certain that Ms.Maura will be a valuable member of the team having accumulated a truly deep marketing experience within the Eastern European and Cryptomarket. Her valuable input will boost the exposure of our project as well as make it more appealing to the residents of the Russian Federation and Eastern Europe.

Maura Barbulescu is the descendant of a long line of entrepreneurs with business in multiple areas, from agriculture and…


Slothee is a revolutionary business networking platform with the use of blockchain technology to ensure data privacy and security

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