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Slow began investing in startups in 2011 with a small $1.25M angel fund. We were backed exclusively by five friends from Facebook’s early days who were eager to support the next generation of tech entrepreneurs. Over time, that group of friends grew beyond the Facebook network to include other founders, professional investors, and executives from notable tech companies both within and beyond Silicon Valley. …

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Slow Ventures was created more than five years ago with the belief that great founders with great ideas need time to build great companies. Pressure from investors to grow fast and monetize faster can lead to bad decision making and bad outcomes. That’s not how we do business.

At Slow, our goal is to give founders the time, resources, connections and help they need to build strong, sustainable companies. We believe our long-term approach produces better results for everyone.

Since we began this journey, Slow has grown from a collaboration among friends who worked together in the early days of Facebook, to a small fund backed by dozens of entrepreneurs, and now, with the launch of our newest fund, an institutionally backed venture firm. Our new $145 million fund, Slow Ventures III, brings our total capital under management to nearly $250 million, giving us the opportunity to take the next step in Slow’s evolution. …

We are pleased to announce the start of Slow Ventures 2, and the opening of a new chapter for Slow Ventures.

Slow was originally founded in 2011 by Dave Morin and a group of friends that came together while building Facebook. The group shared a passion for entrepreneurship and a deep excitement about the fundamental ways in which the technology of our time is redefining the world we live in deeply and completely. …


Slow Ventures

Ideas for the long term.

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