Rebecca Miller Joins Slow Ventures as Vice President of Brand & Community

We are delighted to announce that Rebecca Revel (Miller) is joining the Slow team as our Vice President of Brand and Community.

Slow was created more than five years ago with the belief that great founders with great ideas need time to build great companies. Pressure from investors to grow fast and monetize faster can lead to bad decision making and bad outcomes. That’s not how we do business.

At Slow, our mission is to give founders the time, resources, connections, and experiences they need to build strong, sustainable companies, and we believe our long-term approach produces better results for everyone.

Because of this approach, we have worked hard to cultivate a community that reflects our close relationships with founders, investors, and the broader startup ecosystem. We’re a collective that’s equally welcoming to the entrepreneurs who are typically central to the technology industry, as we are to the inventors who are leading on the edges of science, society, and culture.

While building community has been important to Slow’s mission and values since day one, we continue to look for ways to focus more time and energy towards better nourishing the experiences, conversations, knowledge and relationships our community has to offer. Now that the community has evolved to include over 600 founders, 200 companies, and 100 investors, the time has come to add a member of our team fully dedicated to its success. We could not be more excited that Rebecca has joined Slow to take on that responsibility.

Prior to joining Slow, Rebecca was previously the Founder & CEO of MartiniBird, an event planning agency that worked exclusively with a handful of technology’s most respected companies and venture capital firms, including Slow. Her approach incorporated her experience and understanding of technology, especially venture capital, and a thoughtful and strategic angle towards events as they relate to brand and building community. As a result, she and her firm earned the strong reputation of being the premier event planning company to work with for strategic, well planned, beautifully designed experiences.

Before founding MartiniBird, Rebecca built a diverse resume of unique experiences that she brings to Slow, from venture to non-profit and philanthropy. We’ve all had the opportunity to interact with Rebecca both socially and professionally over the years and have built a cherished relationship, even spending time hiking and fly fishing in her home state of Montana. Working with Rebecca was an obvious choice, not only because of our trust in her expertise, but also because of of the values we share.

We are excited to have someone of Rebecca’s caliber and talent joining the team, and are grateful that she has chosen to dedicate her expertise towards building both the community and the experience of Slow.

To The Future,
Kevin Colleran, Sam Lessin, Scott Marlette, Dave Morin, and Will Quist

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