We’re hiring Operations Managers

Role: Operations Manager | Locations: San Francisco & Boston

The Role

You are a behind the scenes rockstar who will work one on one with the Slow Partners to provide operational “superpowers” by increasing each Partner’s bandwidth, capacity, efficiency, and service. The role involves working with the individual Partners to review and process potential investments, organize and conduct due diligence, prepare investment summaries and documentation, manage email flow, etc. The Operations Manager will learn the inner workings of deal sourcing, investment decision making, engaging with Founders, and more. This is a crucial role for ensuring that Slow offers the highest levels of service possible to our existing Slow Founders and new Founders looking to become part of the Slow Family. You will learn operational and entrepreneurial skills that can lead to a future career inside a startup or a venture capital firm.


  • Are intensely curious about startups and venture capital. You are energized by entrepreneurship, love learning about new startups and markets, and are curious about what goes into building great companies.
  • Understand that there is no “I” in team. At Slow, investing is a team sport. You are willing to work behind the scenes to improve all operational aspects of the investment process. You’ll work with the partners in an ever changing environment to drive execution and achieve team results.
  • Really want to build a valuable skill set. This role teaches operational and entrepreneurial skills that will benefit you in all of your future careers, whether inside a startup company or a venture capital firm.
  • Are a creator and a doer. This is an entrepreneurial role at an entrepreneurial firm. You will not only be responsible for doing what it takes to complete tasks, but also will need to be able to think through and implement new tools to allow us to better serve the Founder community.
  • Sweat the small stuff. While there is a lot of exposure to big picture thinking, this job requires significant attention to detail to ensure the rest of the machine runs smoothly.


  • Empower Slow Partners to function more efficiently by assisting in process and tasks that can be taken off their plates.
  • Manage and track new investment opportunities and gather relevant data and due diligence necessary to empower the partnership to make smart investment decisions.
  • Manage and track inbound communication and email to make sure nothing goes unanswered.
  • Manage special projects and events.
  • Oversee calendaring and contact management performed by administrative assistant.

About Slow

At Slow, we believe in people above all else. We champion the premise that truly great ideas require long-term thinking and time, despite the seeming evidence to the contrary all around us. We exist to serve our entrepreneurs through the process of entrepreneurship, building close, personal, relationships along the journey. Through this we hope to help build lasting companies by bringing together ideas, focus, capital, technology, creativity, design, philosophy, relationships, authenticity, love, and a dash of optimism.

If this sounds like the job for you and if you want to learn more, please email us at jobs@slow.co.

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