How to make a Danish Bird Garland

This year we are doing a handmade Christmas. We decided as an antidote to all the glittery baubles, crazy amounts of Christmas decorations in the shops and people throwing out last year’s for a new colour we would make our own.

Danish Christmas, and the lead up of advent, is about togetherness, making things and cooking food for their big Christmas feast on 24th December. We decided we would take on some of these Danish traditions for our own Christmas.

Get a bit of Nature in your home.

For many Danes Christmas starts in October when the woodlands come alive with branches, twigs, cones and leaves. Bringing Nature inside is a big part of Danish culture and it doesn’t stop at Christmas time. Finding lots of natural materials to weave into the Christmas experience is simple a given.

We love this idea. Living close to the woods we have started to collect pine cones, seed pods and holly that we can use to decorate our home.

There is nothing that makes us feel more Hyggelig.

We will be spraying things gold, creating wreaths with branches and hanging holly around the house. Letting nature in to your home, especially at this time of year, is amazing for the soul. There is something special about taking in natural materials; the smell, the feel of them and the way they make your home feel more alive.

For the advent season, try collecting some natural objects and placing them in bowls or hanging them on your tree. You could always spray them with a little gold or silver paint, or make a garland with some nice jute. You’ll be surprised how exciting it makes the festive season feel and how it brings everyone together.

This week we made a Danish Bird Garland.

To make us feel even more connected with others, we have started making some of our Danish Christmas decorations and recipes on our HyggeBox Facebook Live this advent.

This Thursday we made a Danish Bird Garland, it is a simply crafting activity that you could do alone or with others. It would be great for kids too.

The Bird Garland is a gorgeous modern twist on the tradition garland and can feature any colours that you like. We decided to make a gold ribbon bird garland for our living room and will be adorning it with seed pods from the woods.

Follow these simple steps for making your garland:

  1. First you need to cut out our bird shapes. Use card for the birds, this will help them to hang better on the wall.

2. From the head make a line down the back of the bird. Make sure this is the side that will not be the front of your garland. Draw two lines across, these need to be the width of your ribbon.

3. Using a sharp crafting knife make two cuts along your ribbon lines. Be sure not to cut them too wide because the garland will droop.

4. Thread your chosen ribbon through the bird garland, so that it loops around the slots you have made.

5. Pull tight and you should see a small piece of ribbon on each bird.

6. Attach all your birds and add a heavy(ish) item on the bottom of the loop to weigh it down and keep it straight. We added a small bauble which did the trick. You could use something natural like a cinnamon quill, pine cone or even mistletoe!

Once you have the basic garland like this you can decorate it with whatever you like. We are going to try spraying some seeds pods gold.

You can find lots of bird templates online or design your own.

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