A List of Slow & Simple Living Forums Online

Feb 14, 2018 · 2 min read
Sloww Slow Living Forums
Sloww Slow Living Forums

Join the Slow & Simple Living Forums & Online Communities •

As much as I’m an advocate for digital minimalism and digital declutter experiments, I got sucked into a Reddit rabbit hole over the weekend. In the past, I would just be a lurker and consumer of Reddit, but I finally decided to join and begin to contribute and create (you can find me at reddit.com/user/slowwco).

Slow & Simple Living Forums on Reddit:

There’s a robust simple living forum that’s 8 years old with 111K subscribers. On the flip side, there’s a virtually nonexistent slow living forum that’s 6 years old with under 100 subscribers. There’s also a slow movement forum with 500 subscribers.

If you’re interested, I created two public multireddits (a collection of subreddits on a similar topic) for slow living:

The subreddits included cover topics like anti-consumption, declutter, degrowth, digital minimalism, downshifting, various topics on Stoicism, ethical living, mindfulness, minimalism, simple and slow living, self-sufficiency, voluntary simplicity, zen and much more.

Slow & Simple Living Groups on Facebook:

There are a bunch of Facebook Groups on these topics. Most are Closed Groups, so you will need to request access to join. Here are some I’ve found to get you started:

Slow & Simple Living Forums Elsewhere:

Of course, there are other places outside of Reddit and Facebook to engage with like-minded communities:

Are you familiar with or active in others that aren’t listed? Please share them in the comments.

Originally published at Sloww.

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