SLP Chennai 2016–17, Inauguration Session

I was waiting for this day as Startup Leadership Program (SLP) is renowned for peer learning and excellent networking among startup circle. SLP Chennai this year had selected 18 Startup Founders from different industries for their Fellowship batch of 2017. I was eager to meet other Startup Founders and interact as we’ll be traveling together for the next six months. The moment I stepped in, we as a team interacted through an informal discussion to know about each other. The session formally began, when Praveen, Founder of Codewhite and Program Leader, SLP Chennai introduced us to the History and Goals behind SLP, the curriculum and expectations.

Suresh, Founder — ChaiKing explaining about Startup Leadership Program

Mr. Srinath Ranga, Director, Opteamize Cloud Solutions was with us who shared his diversified start up experience.

We started off with E- journey to get to know about each Fellow and their journey they had in lives so far. The team witnessed amazing narrative styles, candid pictures and knew the people who are the anchors and support system of each SLP fellow member. The team got acquainted with the people in their life.

Balaji Kamineni, CEO — Zeetaminds sharing his Journey.

Krish, CEO of CHARGEBEE joined us an hour before lunch to share his entrepreneurial experience. He made a quick list of every single question that the team asked with curiosity.

Krish had an interesting narrative style where he was seamlessly answering the questions, simultaneously, sharing his entrepreneurial experience ‘in detail’.

Krish, CEO — Chargebee shared his entrepreneurial experience.

He suggested few must read websites and blogs like- Angel Hacks, Both sides of the table,, and authors like — Steve Blanc, Fred Wilson. Krish had emphasized on important details about choosing right investors, startup clubs and hiring techniques exclusively.

Post lunch, the session continued with Arun from GUVI and Suresh from ChaiKing. Both being ex- SLP fellows, they gave a deeper insights on how the whole curriculum works about building right network, domain knowledge and transformational ideas.

Gokulraj, CEO — MyCopie and a ex-SLP Fellow joined us for the after session meet.

The SLP fellows were divided into their respective teams, got their roles and responsibilities allocated and team was completed geared up for many more exciting weeks of SLP Chennai Chapter ahead!

Of course how did I forget to mention this, SLP is about a person as an Entrepreneur rather than the name of one’s start up. Herewith, we are ready to get transformed for the best to happen, giving back to the society. For now being one of the Class CEO for the next session on Lean Startup , I am looking forward towards it.

SaiLakshmi K V


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