Loyalty Rewards I Would Like to See

Ovechkin receiving a reward for his loyalty to the Washington Capitals

What I would like to see in loyalty, could mean a couple of different things. Ease of use, great. Targeted and curated campaigns, wonderful. However, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of what we really want, it’s goodies. There’s a reason why Halloween was one of my favorite holidays as a child, not because I have an obsession over Zombies or Vampires, this was the early 1990’s after all and The Walking Dead and Twilights were still years away. It was because of all the free candy, free seemingly to always be the magic word.

In the case of loyalty program rewards, while they’re technically not free because you’re receiving the benefits due to your patronage with the business, they do give off the feeling of something free, which is never a bad thing, depending on what that thing is. At Starbucks it’s a free beverage, at Delta it might be a free flight, but sometimes the gift isn’t necessarily relevant for the business and doesn’t present itself as a huge incentive for people to come back to their business. That being said, I’ve listed a couple of different rewards that I would love to see.

  1. Netflix

Streaming services are becoming a more and more competitive field as time goes on, however, Netflix is still one of the leaders in the space. While I do love Netflix, I can only dedicate so many funds to streaming services, and there are more and more options out there with their own original content. That being said, I think it would be a great incentive to stay with Netflix if they could provide some sort of additional benefit from paying for my subscription month after month.

One thing that would be great would be to receive promotional gear from some of their original content. Stranger Things t-shirt, yes, please. Chef’s Table spatula, let’s do this.

2. Airlines

While I already collect airline miles and use those miles towards flights or partial tickets for flights, I feel as if though there is an additional benefit, especially on international flights, that I don’t get to use but I would really love to. That is the elusive VIP lounge.

Whenever I’m passing a terminal, hours before my flight, searching for the best food option that isn’t just a greek yogurt or the usual Dunkin Donuts, I’ll stare longingly at the elite travelers who are sitting in their luxury chairs and watching their luxury television in the VIP lounge.

I would gladly choose an airline, that is even several hundreds of dollars more for a ticket if I’m able to use that seemingly airport Oasis, even if the thought of it is actually much better than the reality of it.

3. Movie Theaters

Movie theaters have been struggling for the past couple of years due to the alternative options that consumers now have to watch movies. Luckily for the theater, it’s hard to replace the feeling and experience of watching a movie at the movie theater. Personally, I love it so I go all of the time, and in turn, I find myself spending a ton of money on movie theater snacks.

One great thing that I would love to see would be to be able to redeem points that I’ve received from each movie seen for snacks at the concession. Especially if that gift was popcorn since it would incentivize me to then purchase a drink. Since there is no way I could eat an entire bag of buttery and salty popcorn without a drink, I’m not insane.

4. Utility companies

There are a couple of evils that exist when you become an adult that you just cannot avoid. One of those evils is utilities. You have to pay for them, and you have to pay for them every month because it’s really not an option to live without the services that they provide. I know that I could only survive up until the point that my laptop runs out of battery and if it’s the middle of summer, even less than that. In any case, since you do have to pay for utilities, there are tons of people out there that do not either consistently pay on time or pay at all, which costs utility companies both time and money trying to chase down people who owe a debt to them.

That’s why I believe that the utility companies could benefit by rewarding customers who paid consistently on time. If every time I switch my address with the postal service I receive a huge stack of coupons and freebies, then the utility companies should be able to come up with a way to reward us for our consistency.