Reclaiming unused bonus points are like finding a $20 in your coat pocket.

It’s early Fall and there is a certain crisp in the air that reflects the passing of time. You go to your closet and grab your light jacket for the first time since early May. Throw that jacket around your shoulders, stick your hands into the pockets, and you discover a crisp $20 dollar bill that has been waiting for you all Summer. How does that feel, pretty good right, it’s basically free cash. Now imagine if you could receive that same feeling from all of the loyalty points that you’ve been earning from the various loyalty programs you’ve become a part of over the years.

The average person belongs to 13.4 different loyalty programs, but the average redemption rate is only around 15%. Doesn’t that make you think about how many unutilized loyalty points you have sitting around, however, what’s the reason why you’re not using them? Typically it’s because either the company you have points for or the rewards that they offer, just aren’t that interesting. However, that’s not to say that they aren’t great companies with a following of their own, they are in business for a reason, right?

Utilizing SLP’s decentralized loyalty exchange platform you’ll be able to take those points that you’ve earned, trade them for SLP tokens, and then take those tokens and exchange them for benefits at companies that you either like or companies with rewards you want to use?

Imagine the extra trip you might be able to take, the sports car you could rent for the weekend, the extra pizza you could buy for your friends when you meet up to watch the game. Those are opportunities that SLP could help create for you.

There isn’t a launch date yet, but follow our FB page, Twitter, Medium, you name it, and we’ll provide you with updates as they are released.

Looking forward to trading with you!