College Concerns (RD)

The biggest stress most people experience in their life is choosing and deciding where and whether or not they wish to pursue a college or higher education after high school. For some reason, I decided to take on this stress a year earlier than normal.

My junior year of high school I decided to apply at the University of Akron to enroll as a college credit plus student. I never imagined the amount of work being a part time high school student and a part time college student would involve. Every day I juggle hours of school and extracurricular activities, and then hours of homework at night. Work on the weekends, and no time to sleep or have a social life in between. To say the least, it’s exhausting. But my biggest concern is just keeping up with it all.

The stress of having to put time and effort into school, and then the stress of always wanting to put out my best work when doing bot my high school homework and college assignments gets to be too much sometimes. I always try to do my best but at times I know I’m not always putting my best effort out there due to being stressed, anxious and overall exhausted from the work I have on my shoulders.

All I want this year and all I hope to accomplish, is to get a grade I personally believe I deserve and earn. I want to be able to have a good grade so this class counts as a credit towards my higher education as I leave high school. If it means working this hard every evening and losing a little sleep or a little time with friends, then it’s definitely worth it.