maybe this quiz will focus more on trying to just convince the user enough that an audit is the way to go and not try to diagnose the specific problems as much.
Project 1
Anqi Wan

I believe this is a good approach. I also think you can take another crack at writing all of your questions and the structure of your quiz. For example, you could take the approach of making yes/no answer that depending on the number of a certain response (depending on how you frame the questions) that you’d recommend getting an energy audit as it would likely improve the health of their home. Like this: Does your home sometimes feel too cold? Does condensation ever collect on your windows? Do you ever feel a draft when you walk by windows or doors? Does your skin ever feel dry or damp during particular seasons? Do you find yourself sneezing often? Think about how your home can affect you and write your questions to those issues. Does that make sense?

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