Beyond Offline

Using a custom service worker to expand on your browser’s capabilities.

“Offline” — photograph by Eric Valli

Will my mobile network hold up?
What if there is a tunnel coming up ahead of us?
I should have opened this in a new tab so at least I could have read the remainder of my feed while (if ever!) this loads!

Progressive Apps: What’s Next for the Web Platform? — Alex Russell

Workers back in service

Why this?

How does it work?

The transparent BPG service worker polyfill in action!

…how is this an improvement again?

A word on Progressive Enhancement

“Progressive Enhancement” by Kevin Cornell

How about other browsers?

MDN Fellowship

…or “How did we end up here?”

MDN Fellows & Mentors hard at work!

MDN Content Kits

Teaching the web — one repository at a time

The Content Kit format was developed by the bright folks responsible for MDN’s world-class docs on web technologies!

What’s next?

JavaScript, Hardware, Games · Skylark · Mozilla · Tessel Project

JavaScript, Hardware, Games · Skylark · Mozilla · Tessel Project