April 4, 2017

Day 4, Ride 4, 30 Days of Biking

15 Miles, Grant Trail

A text from my gal Krysti about a ride today, a “Hell Yes” shot back over the bow. A ride in the daylight, heck there was even some sunshine flashing through the clouds. Krysti and I have some history on the local trail. History that involves rain and tornado type of weather when we go out for an afternoon ride. Today about half way, after we had just passed the her car at the midway parking lot we both felt some drops of rain. We both kept quiet about that, but we were talking up a storm otherwise. Fun gal talk. So much talking no time for sprinting. That we didn’t sprint was fine with me because my legs are still in hiking not biking mode. As we pushed the last 1/4 mile, when we usually have an open field sprint two things happened. One was I became thankful that I am riding 30 Days. I like the transformation of my world and myself from Winter into Spring. Two was both Krysti and I blurted out at the same time that we each had each kept quiet about those raindrops. Amazing that we haven’t ended up in Oz on our afternoon rides yet. There is always next time!