@MotherJones #45 opioid abuse is the fault of #BigPharma and their #lobbyists along with doctors.

Don’t put doctors in the same political blame pot as big Pharma & lobbyists. Doctors are victims of the profit driven health care industry. We are not professionals anymore, we are just providers. Revenue producers. We are mostly employed by large hospital or insurance orgs who dictate patient volume & really don’t care about the doctor-patient relationship. They only care about coding, documenting, billing, rvu’s, and minimizing overhead. Patient outcomes only matter if it affects reimbursement. Doctors sacrifice years of their lives in training & working hours. We have massive student loan debt. Most of us start out really caring about delivering our best medical care to each & every patient. But the system has been fractured. Your GP no longer sees you in the hospital. Everything is disconnected, this is not what they taught in medical school. There once was a sacred compact between physician & patient that sadly seems to have been cast aside. It was far too time consuming & there is no billable code or diagnosis for what it takes to make that bond. So there are doctors who have given up & over prescribe opioids because it is faster & easier than stopping the train. Some doctors do run drug practices. But none of us started out this way. The opioid train was put on the tracks and fueled by BigPharma. The train runs over everybody & everything on the tracks. Including your doctor. Look up physician rates of suicide & see for yourself. The train is out of control & getting it stopped will take huge effort, by all parties involved. Insurance should pay for addiction treatments instead of oxycodone, but which one costs more right now? One month of naltrexone treatment for $1400. Nope, not gonna be covered & cost won’t come down, because healthcare is a for profit business. Profits for shareholders & CEOs. Those CEOs would be crazy to choose short pain over long pain. If we want this entire mess cleaned up we the people need to demand from our government a single payer system that does not get parceled out to the bastards that broke it in the first place.