One of the traits I admire most in other people is great listening. It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t just hear the words you are saying, but truly listens to them, processes them, and gives you real feedback. Great listeners ask great questions — not a ton of questions, just the precise ones that move the conversation forward. Great listeners don’t interrupt and speak to be heard. They often say very few words at just the right time. Great listeners know how to listen and respond in a 1:1 conversation just as well as in a large group. And even better, great listeners often do a great job following up later on what matters.
Listen Better
Josh Elman

This is so true. I had an experience where I was asked to roleplay an exit interview and I was told to slow down and stop asking so many questions because I wasn’t allowing my roleplay partner to respond or give his/her thoughts. I thought I was being thoughtful by asking all of the “right” questions, but I wasn’t listening! Lesson learned!

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