Let Your Life Be Uncertain

What do you want to do with your life?

For a kid like me, who finds it ever-difficult to come to a conclusion on even the most menial of decisions, this question can be quite daunting. Yet it is a question I face regularly, whether it be posed by an increasingly concerned parent, an over-involved uncle, or simply by my own mind as I lay down at night. Despite my numerous encounters with this particular quandary, it remains a problem I have not solved. Granted, I may be able to formulate a satisfactory answer through a combination of a shallow overview of my passions in life and my current field of study, but deep down I am nowhere nearer to discovering what my life is truly meant for.

What do you want to do with your life?

This is an intimidating question, whose answer must not be taken likely. The struggle to discover the purpose of a life is a problem that unsettles us all, and whose solution has eluded even the greatest of minds. Since it is a question that only you can accurately answer, the burden of uncovering life’s purpose falls entirely on the individual, and is a continual source of apprehension and anxiety in today’s society. But perhaps it is better not to know. For instance, if I knew for certain what my upmost aspirations are, there is always the possibility of reaching those goals and remaining unfulfilled. As long as it remains unpredictable, however, there remains the potential of something greater. And when faced with the awe-inspiring complexity of life, does it seem rational to come to a single conclusion as to what your life is meant for? It feels far too simplistic, and seems to put a limit on the value of a human life, because once you know exactly what your life will amount to, does that not also quantify your life’s worth? Yet the value of a human life is infinite, and so too should its purpose be. Our true purpose, therefore, can only be discovered when we choose to embrace life and all of its uncertainty.

In order to truly embrace the variability of life, we must first and foremost accept that there is always more to life. Whether I live long into my old age, or unforeseen circumstances cause my untimely death, the fullness of life and all that is intrinsic therein will remain within my reach until my last breath. There is always more, so long as we remain brave enough to pursue it. We must also learn to accept the volatility of life, and recognize the value of both our highs and our lows. One cannot exist without the other, and it is only through an experience of sorrow that we can appreciate joy. There will be moments in your life when the tears present in all of us begin to well up, and you will feel like you can take no more; embrace these moments. There will be moments when every fiber of your being is filled with joy, when the pursuit of happiness finally bears fruit; embrace these moments. Embrace the things that make you different, embrace your fears, your doubts, your successes and your failures. Forego your common sense, for common sense dictates that we follow the path of society, running the risk of abandoning our true purpose, in order to settle for the most ideal route to a successful life and career. But if a life is lived with regret, what success is there in that? Common sense would have us remain within our comfort zone at all times, a place where passion is hidden by an acceptance of mediocrity, and replaced by conformity. In order to find and hold onto genuine happiness, however, you must constantly pursue your passions, passions you will only discover once you begin to sense your purpose, and use an uncommon sense. This will not always be a successful effort, but it must be a constant one. And when we are faced with doubts, and begin to believe our purpose in life is too great an achievement to be realized, remember that no task is too prodigious when the alternative is a life unlived, a passion unfulfilled, a death with regret. It is far better to give your life up to the ideals you hold dearest than to spend a life selling short your purpose, in order to circumvent the struggle necessary to achieve your goals.

How precious is a minute to those who only have an hour, a day to those who have a week? Life is a fickle thing, but its beauty can only be found in the unexpected. The world is yours, and no matter your situation, life is offering you more so long as you are willing to embrace it. You are the sole director of your own reality, go live a reality that is worth a human life