I’m pretty sure I didn’t get you wrong when I said you didn’t correctly perceive MSNBC as…
Benjamin T. Awesome

No my man, since unlike you, I actually know people there who ARE journalism, and am friends with them.

We really on the same page here, as everyone with a brain knowns Andy Lack is not, and will never be a journalist, nor are any upper executives.

Also, MSNBC has ALREADY turned to the right and been comfortable with having conservative shows (this is not new), with Morning Joe still heavily promoted (despite so-so ratings as always) and “centrist anchors” like Stephanie Rule (Bloomberg background) and Kate Snow (a “centrist, both sides” journalist), along with centrist pundit hacks Halperin and Heilemann still around the network despite their constant failures on the network.

Moreover, MSNBC went right at the BEGINNING of their network, even during Olbermann’s early days, with giving major billing to Tucker Carson and Joe Scarborough in the evening period. And they failed.

No matter who they get from Fox, they won’t be 1) O’Lielly and (Sean)Insanity and 2) Many Fox viewers won’t come. It’s why van Susteran’s show is doing horrible numbers (see the links in the article about that), as Fox viewers don’t care who goes. They still and will always view anything not on Fox as being “too liberal” for them and not tune in (just see on Twitter for a bit for that).

You definitely need to look back at that time period.