Unlimited DDSS Recovery, Secure Transfer, and Reselling DDSS Has Arrived

In this article, we will be discussing three key concepts that are now possible thanks to Slumber Swap’s November Release: Unlimited Recovery, Secure Transfer, and Reselling DDSS+DRGN.

Welcome to Slumber Swap’s first Medium Article. Let’s begin…

Death to the Current Recovery Process

Have you ever tried to explain to someone else how DDSS Recovery works? Yeah, it’s not fun. The two biggest challenges with the DDSS Recovery Process has been: it’s unnecessarily complex and DDSS can only be transferred once.

Instead, our newest service makes moving your DDSS easy to explain and even easier to perform. Introducing a new way to transfer…

Secure Transfer by Slumber Swap

Moving your DDSS+DRGN to a new wallet has never been easier. Secure Transfer by Slumber Swap is a simplified way to migrate your DDSS from one wallet to the next — without any limitations.

DDSS can now be moved from Wallet A to B to C to X …

So how does Secure Transfer work? Well, its quite simple to be honest.

Step 1: Log into slumberswap.com with your current wallet containing the DDSS+DRGN that you want to move.

Step 2: Select “Secure Transfer” and enter in the destination address that you wish to transfer your DDSS over to. Verify that it’s accurate, click “Move DDSS” and confirm the transaction.

Step 3: Sit back and relax.

On the back-end, our Secure Transfer smart contract will automate the Recovery Process on your behalf. In no time, your DDSS will be transferred into your destination wallet address.

Yes, it’s a bit like magic. But really, its just the power of Dragonchain interchained with Ethereum. Pretty cool, right?

Well if you liked that, we saved the best for last:

Recovered DDSS Is Eligible to be Resold

All recovered DDSS past or present sent through the recovery process is included in the listings. Additionally, any purchased DDSS+DRGN are eligible to be resold in the future. #Mind-Blown

Head over to slumberswap.com to scoop up some new DDSS+DRGN now!

Didn’t blow your mind? Stay tune to our next update…

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