Why Choose Slumberzone?

In everyday life a sound sleep at night is very important and thus to every Beds manufacturer NZ and the importers the prime motive is to make and present one of the most luxurious and the affordable beds.

Here at Slumberzone you get to buy an exciting and wide range of luxurious beds made up at our Auckland-based factories. Each and every bed made up here is embedded with super quality features that everyone expects from a luxurious bed at a very comfortable price.

Some of the features our beds have are as follows:

1) Best possible fabrics: Here enough time is taken to choose the best possible fabrics tin making of best quality beds with great functionality and fashionable styles. The fabrics here are silk and bamboo enriched fabrics that makes the bed breathable and always give a feeling of luxury and warmth.

2) Memory foam and gel memory foam mattress: The beds are made with the cutting-edge technology where the gel particles inside increase air flow and let the mattress breathe and resist moisture build-up. It has the capability to target pressure points and contour according to your unique body shape.

3) No partner disturbance: The partner’s movement that generally causes a ripple effect that is similar to the ripples in a pond is absorbed by the foam-encased pocket spring mattresses to ensure you have a sound sleep without getting disturbed.

4) Natural latex: Most of the latex mattress made here includes natural latex within the pillow top (the side where you sleep on). This lavish material is called hypoallergenic, which neutralizes the heat and breathes smoothly making sure you get a sound sleep at night.

Here we strive to get the things done better by looking forward towards new ideas as well as ways to do business and as to how to keep all our costs down. We believe in standing by our product at every step.

The team of Slumberzone is pretty confident and proud of the best quality mattress of all the beds. Therefore, a warranty of up to 10 years is offered by us to our clients. We basically offer six exciting ranges of beds to choose from which are traditional, comfort, boutique, luxury, e-comfort and commercial. So what are you waiting for? Go and buy for yourself today!

For more information about Slumberzone, about its various bed products and for shopping the product please visit the website here at this link given www.slumberzone.co.nz