Course Reflection

I’d like to start by thanking you, Mr. Block. I enjoyed my time in this class, and I feel that I learned skills that I will actually use in my daily life. Below are my various reflections on the past semester.

The skills that I have developed the most in this class is to think critically about whatever I’m shown. Whether it be advertising, news media, or entertainment, I have learned to not jump to conclusions with whatever I see. I am more reserved with my judgements as I have learned that much of what we are exposed to has an agenda to it. I’ve learned that it’s important to narrow what I see down to the facts and also be exposed to different perspectives, so I can make conclusions that are my own and not simply mimick somebody else’s.

One unit that stood out to me was the news and information unit. I feel that the things I learned in that unit really stuck with me. I used the skills I learned whenever I read or watched the news, looking for the types of strategies news media would use to spin a story. I learned to break out of my echo chamber and listen to what other people had to say about certain issues. I also enjoyed the fake news portion of the unit as it directly addressed present issues and helped me pick out what I should ignore or pay attention to.

I feel that media analysis courses should be offered at every school. The skills learned in this class are directly applicable to real life and vitally important. The media is what we rely on for information nowadays, so knowing how to properly analyze how each piece affects our perception of things we don’t already know or didn’t experience is crucial. This is one of the few classes in which what I learned I immediately put to use.

The one thing I would change is the demographic unit. I do think what we learned was important, but I think the unit was too long. I began to figure out the main points of the unit early into the unit, and from then on, the unit dragged. Also, I think the demographic paper could be shortened a bit. I think the amount of sources we needed to find was too long, making research very repetitive. I do think this was an important unit, but to keep kids engaged, I think it should be abbreviated.

For those juniors going into this class next year, I would tell them that this class is actually important. This class gives you applicable skills that are needed to forge your own path as you grow. It isn’t a class that you learn about and never see; its lessons are present in almost every minute of every day, so don’t treat it as a blow off. You might actually learn something.

Once again, thank you, Mr. Block. I hope my reflections help you with next year's classes!

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