do not slutshame and pretend to be a good person

The term slutshame refers to the phenomenon that women are publicly insulted and denounced for the open expression of their sexuality. Be it through tight clothing, playing with your own charms or through a multitude of sexual partners, about which one speaks openly: With something, some women especially men seem to get on the right foot. Other women often can not resist comments and insults. But do a nudity and the fun of sex equal to the hussy? Of course not. That does not interest anyone. And that is extremely strange.

Why Slutshame is so paradoxical

Sex sells. As you walk through a mall, browse the web, or leaf through a magazine, pay attention to how often you see half-naked women. A deep cleavage, bare bottom and a seductive smile all seem to go along with advertising as well as a creative slogan. And that has become so normal for us that it barely affects us when we get another pair of breasts stretched out. That’s why I have to denounce something at this point: why exactly are so many in the pants when they see a real woman, the self-confident step performs her new, sexy summer dress or told of their latest conquests?

Obviously, many feel they are being attacked with real, true sexuality. Sometimes people start to slutshame, by Bodyshaming and “Look at the fat in the miniskirt, especially that should not dress like a slut …”. Especially in social networks, things are not always so social. Slutshame seems to be a real pleasure for many, under the protection of their anonymity. A selfie that in their eyes provides too deep insights, a #outfitoftheday that has been a bit breezy because of summer heat , everything is commented on and condemned. Cybermobbing , the modern witch hunt. And if not just with insults thrown around, then sexually suggestive comments are also not uncommon. Some users find it fitting to comment on a picture of a woman in a miniskirt, what they would like to do with her. To the smallest detail. Thanks, that’s exactly what we wanted to hear! # nowomanever

By the way, we recommend you this Youtube video, which shows the bad experiences of a woman who walked wordlessly through New York for 10 hours. Although she was not directly insulted, she still had to submit to some sexist comments. So the experiment shows well what women get to hear in simple everyday clothes:

Slutshame has to stop, but it will not

No woman should be condemned in any way for how she dresses and how many men she sleeps with. For fear of insults, many prefer to keep their heads down, while for the opposite sex it seems to be no problem to speak loud and open about their stories about women. Equality is not only lacking in professional life. The Sad: SlutShame will probably never say goodbye like any other kind of blasphemy and insulting others. Nevertheless, it is important that everyone gets their own nose and at least stops publicly judging other women and thus contributing to the problem. What one does in the psychic life of his victim with such deeds, one should always keep in mind. Live and let live, right?

And if you are yourself affected by slutshame, try to take it easy. If you have to push your own ego to talk bad to others and call them a slut, it does not deserve to be supported by your attention.