Lines in Lyft Lines
Ami Sampat

I’m glad you had a good experience with Lyft Line but please don’t use it in the future. Lyft Line and Uber Pool are a way for the companies to double, triple and quadruple their profits on the backs of drivers. Drivers do NOT receive 75% of each fare, they receive only payment for time and miles and Lines and Pool fares don’t include the pick-up fees (usually about $1.25). If you read the Internet forums for drivers you will find cases of drivers making less than $3 for 20 minute rides with multiple pickups. In most cases the algorithms are efficient enough to have two or more people being picked up and dropped off in nearby locations, meaning the driver actually loses money as he’s carrying more weight and therefore has worse gas mileage. And of course every matched Line or Pool is one less job for another driver, and helps hold surge rates down.

In most major cities regular Lyft and Uber rides are less than the cost of taxis in NYC in 1987 (source: There is no need for anyone not completely destitute to take Line or Pool.

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