“What Next?”, because I’m graduating soon.

Me, dreaming of a bright future with closed eyes.

Almost two years as a student & I’ve been a bit shaken
when people ask me “what next?”, because like Frost
I guess I too have taken the road not taken
with just the right amount of cheers!, kanpai! and prost!

Instead of having two babies by the time I turned twenty-three,
I did what I wanted to, so I turned to Angelou
because I’ve been raised to believe that I’m a woman, phenomenally;
So with endless encouragement from ABBA I got to Waterloo.

From the Shard to the Empire State to the lights on Tokyo Tower,
the GID traverse has been a free verse which reminds me of Longfellow
as these bits of experiences feel like a short children’s hour
- I mean, not when I’m trying to understand the various shades of yellow!

So “what next?”, after a dissertation on UX
I try to be optimistic, I try to be Keats
who talks about visions of delight in The Eve of St. Agnes,
and I strive to create more than pixels on Adobe Creative Suite!

From Data Viz to illustrations for a Dribbble playoff,
it’s a big world out there, so, hey Mr.Neruda,
should I stay close, do what I know and not go far off?
Nope. Reach for the stars, they said, in the Milkyway & Andromeda.

Maybe the answer is connecting people ; I can’t go wrong 
from Tinder to LinkedIn, connecting in all ways, always. Ms.Naidu,
are there enough connections here to bear me along?
What’s next? With all these links, can I break through?

Maybe the answer is music ; I’m convinced from school
when I look across the road
and see posters of Dylan
who says you must not be influenced by any fool
What’s next? Will any song make me a hero or a villain?

Maybe the answer is travel ; it sure sounds like I would 
love to map my life and go places like Wilde
and hear about food and cultures and be a doer of good.
What’s next? This is exciting, it brings out my inner child!

Maybe the answer is advertising; as part of a fun team
like Mowgli, Bagheera & Baloo as formed by Kipling
who said nothing’s impossible if you can dream.
What’s next? Will I be inspired by Speculative Everything?

Maybe the answer is right here ; stay back and write some code
to make things work and personify all ideas, like Shelley 
who might’ve taught me how to program an ode.
What’s next? Am I gonna fix Mr.Wormwood’s telly?

Maybe I should just draw for men of all ages
and just do things as I like, thank you Shakespeare!,
which means I could just sing to earn my wages
but not justify student debt and visas of many a tier! :(

Maybe there’s no one answer and if I asked Wordsworth
I’d hear “Come forth, and bring with you a heart, Sree”.
I’ve learned to make these tables turn for what it’s worth,
UX Design or Science and Art , it’s all poetry!