The dilemma of Indian right wing

Indian right wing – mainly BJP supporters – have been active on” social media platforms, especially Twitter for years. They were the drivers of 2014 loksabha election campaign and have been responsible up to an extent for the victory of BJP in the aforementioned election.

Yet there are problems. Serious problems.

Any political ideology survives on information and narrative which defines how information will be absorbed. This is where entire right – be it social political or economic – has been at a severe disadvantage. The Marxist ecosystem built in collusion with congress over six decades holds monopoly over narrative, starting from education, media, activism & intelligentsia.

Education – right has an uphill battle given that right is non existent in most leftist forts and Marxist mafia refuses to cede space. From syllabus to independence, right is denied everything. Most right wing sane people come from real-life-fields like engineering, management, medicine etc, while leftist decay finds comfort in theoretical and unproductive world of academics which they treat like their little fiefdoms. This is such a core issue that alleged right wing fascist government of modi is shit scared of touching it with a long pole. Let me not even go to RTE & other things.

Direct consequences of this fall on intelligentsia – we end producing millions of braindead unemployed zombies who believe Marx’s model is oh-so-perfect.

So the most obvious and easy thing right wing obsesses themselves with is media. They’ve had some success. They’ve managed to add black and create grey out of snow white idiots of New Delhi media. But that’s as far as it goes. One cannot defeat ideologies with a single platform. Sure you’ve bloodied them, but now what?

Areas of concern with media here can be categorised as narrative, hit jobs and complete falsehoods. Twitter right wing has been able to deal with narrative part and that’s that. They lack escalation now. Sure, you’ve shown sardesai for a cheap and partisan guy but what now? Have you been able to impact anything? Their jobs are secure and in it their value to even BJP’s dilli netas who need them to forward their careers. Right wing has been a complete failure when it comes to deterrence. Sure some tweets and some trolling but that doesn’t affect the drink meet with BJP netas in the evening. Neither does it affect those netas. There’s nothing in RW’s kitty to create a situation where usefulness of corrupt and biased media is trumped by the toxicity. Lekhi calls you idiots for picking barkha over supporters coz she has to live and make career in Delhi where media is the gatekeeper. Maneka gives you big finger coz she has to advance her sons career which can happen without you but not with hostile media. Varun praises Islamist rifat. They’re living inside the leftist ecosystem and sees no reason or value in pissing off entire establishment for the feelings of a few unnamed inconsequential supporters. Unless RW develops minimum credible deterrent,there’s no way out and all of you will be reduced to trolls because you will get more entrenched and extreme as you will realise hamam me sabhi nange hain and fact that media being corrupt partisan and ideologically aligned doesn’t threaten their power position or careers. Yes shivam Vij is a chutiya, everyone knows that. Has t affected his career has it? Yes Raheel khurshid tweeted nasty stuff about Navratri but doesn’t stop BJP netas from hobnobbing with him does it? If you can’t create deterrence against BJP netas, what hope do you have against ecosystem?

Ghar jao, apna Kama Karo, this isn’t worth it.

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