When you are diagnosed with cancer and go into treatment, people often find you courageous. It happens all over, with every type of cancer. In fact, a Google search for cancer and courage generates over 28 million hits.

I struggled with the cancer-courage link when making my way through diagnosis…

April 24, 2016

So. Four months have passed, and four friends are gone.

January — lymphoma.

February — brain cancer.

March — metastatic kidney cancer.

April — metastatic breast cancer.

Some local residents, some not. One man, three women. Three adults (all too young) and one teenager (far, far too…

Sarah Lyman Kravits

Pondering how to cope with grief, cancer, and crisis by setting aside judgment. Blogging at www.lifewithoutjudgment.com. Parenting, partnering, teaching, being.

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