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This was an episode all about setting up the finales. It seems clear that Sansa knows she “needs” Littlefinger and the little cock robin, so off the letter goes. Hopefully it finds the knights of the Vale already en route. Because Jon/Sansa are not taking Winterfell otherwise.

The Hound, First Blood was great, yet predictable. The only thing that saved that scene was the Hound not putting a bandana on his head before walking off “they drew first blood!”

Arya got shived. Really piss poor assassin-izing there, Arya. Keep your head on a swivel.

As for the high Septon, Margary, and Cersei, I have no statments b/c I don’t care. Just blow KL up already.

What’s left….the Blackfish. meh. We’ll see. Brienne is going to intervene, but how — I don’t know. And it seems….like…we….may actually…perhaps….get to see someone…

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