LinkedIn user statistics on mobile: The biggest jobs app, but not for long

By Abhinav Agrawal

LinkedIn stock took a shellacking (~50% decline) after last quarter’s earnings announcement based on declining growth expectations. There is a lot of pressure on the company to show signs of growth, particularly on mobile, when they announce results for Q1 2016. The majority of the company’s visitors come from mobile in Q4 (57%) and the company touted the release of a newly redesigned mobile app in the Q4, 2015 earnings call.

In advance of the earnings call for Q1 2016, here’s our assessment of LinkedIn user statistics on mobile in the United States, their largest & most mature market, based on app data from SurveyMonkey Intelligence.

tl;dr: While LinkedIn has the largest audience in the category today, it still has a long way to go to compete with best of breed mobile players and will be overtaken in its category by the Indeed Job Search app in Q2.

LinkedIn active users on mobile

First the good news. In terms of monthly active users, LinkedIn is the biggest job-search- or networking-related mobile app in the United States and actually has 3 apps (main app, Job Search, and Pulse News) among the top ten apps in the category. Additionally, apart from Indeed Job Search, all other job and networking apps are an order of magnitude smaller.

Similarly, LinkedIn is getting more downloads from new users than any other job or networking app.

LinkedIn growth on mobile

(Actually, it’s a decline)

However, unfortunately the main LinkedIn mobile app seems to be declining in MAU after an initial surge in popularity (~20% decline in MAU over the last quarter) while Indeed Job Search is slowly growing. The gains for Indeed are likely driven by the company’s aggressive marketing and advertising campaigns coupled with slowly improving engagement and retention metrics.

In fact, extrapolating out current metrics, we predict that Indeed will be larger than LinkedIn on mobile by end of Q2, 2016 in terms of monthly active users. Definitely, a worrying trend for the company.

LinkedIn engagement on mobile

Not a daily habit like Facebook or Snapchat yet

The larger issue for the company is that LinkedIn is not a daily habit on mobile despite a variety of initiatives over the last year:

  • the acquisition of Pulse to incorporate daily professional news
  • more robust messaging system
  • automatic updates for job changes and birthdays of connections
  • pre-written replies to boost response rates
  • focus on the influencer & blog platform

In fact, on the engagement metric of days used per week, LinkedIn trails not only the personal & social focused platforms but also competitors like Indeed and news sites like New York Times.

LinkedIn demographics on mobile

Affluent, educated users

One bright spot for LinkedIn is the demographics of its audience which are richer and more educated that the other more social/personal networks. For example, ~40% of LinkedIn’s audience makes more than $100K per year in household income and 60% of them have a college degree or higher.

In summary, while LinkedIn has a great business (strong network effects, no major competitor, strong balance sheet), the mobile app needs significant work before it can compete with the leaders in mobile and is likely to be surpassed by Indeed Job Search in the next quarter.

This post originally appeared on April 25, 2016 on the blog of SurveyMonkey Intelligence, a competitive intelligence product for mobile apps.

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