The 40 top apps for women: Revealing the apps that ladies love

By Bonnie Yu

Do you know which apps attract more women than men? You might guess that Pinterest draws more female users than male users, but can you guess by how much? (It’s 70% female and 30% male.)

Using demographic insights from app intelligence provider SurveyMonkey Intelligence, we’ve uncovered the top apps for women as of March 2016.

These are the 40 mobile apps on iOS and Android smartphones in the U.S. that have the audiences with the highest proportion of women.

The top apps for women

Shopping, beauty, home, women’s health, and video/photo apps

If you’ve planning on developing a mobile app that targets women, you’d do well to build in one of these categories.

Almost half the apps in our list involve shopping in some way. Apps like PINK Nation, Wanelo Shopping, and Polyvore. Even a shopping discount app, Ebates.

We also see a big female audience using photo and video apps like VSCO, Instasize, Retrica, and LiveCollage that allow you to capture, edit, and present content.

Even the games dominated by women that made the list tend to fall within the aforementioned categories: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (shopping), Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House(home), Crazy Kitchen and Cooking Dash 2016 (home — cooking), and Blossom Blast Saga (home — gardening).

There were also apps that didn’t fall into any of the categories we’ve discussed. WattPad, a reading app, Timehop, a personal history app, BuzzFeed, the millennial media juggernaut, and ClassDojo, the communication app for teachers, all have a mobile app user base that is more than 80% female.

So were there any surprises among these top apps for women?

It makes sense that period-tracking apps such as Clue, Period Tracker, and Period Tracker Lite are mostly used by women. But it’s somewhat unexpected that men comprise up to 5% of the audience of these apps that track women’s biological cycles.

This post originally appeared on May 4, 2016 on the blog of SurveyMonkey Intelligence, a competitive intelligence product for mobile apps.

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