What’s the largest religion themed app in the US?

By David Rout

With increasing smartphone usage in the United States, every aspect of our life has been impacted by phones. Whether it is politics, entertainment, games, or shopping — smartphones have ingrained themselves in every sector. How has religion fared on smartphones? Do people use apps to practise their religion? Are all religions equally impacted? Are there any regional or age differences? We turned to SurveyMonkey Intelligence, which provides detailed usage and demographics stats for 1,000 of apps, to find out the answers to these and other questions.

Bible app biggest religion app by far!

Mirroring the religious breakdown of the United States, the Bible app is the largest of the religious themed apps in terms of monthly active users and significantly larger than any Mormon (Latter Day Saints) or Islamic app.

Significant regional variation in religious apps

Users of the Bible app are overweighted in the South as one would expect given the location of the Bible belt (~50% of Bible users in the South versus ~40% of the population) and underweighted in the Northeast and West. LDS Music and Gospel library apps (used by Mormons) are overweighted in the Western region which includes Utah and surrounding areas. And lastly, Muslim Pro and Athan Pro are overweighted in the Northeast region and the South which matches some of the work done on understanding the demographics of Muslims in the United States.

Islamic apps have different gender ratio than the Christian and Mormon apps

One interesting difference between the apps is the gender breakdown. The Bible and LDS music lean female (60%+ users of the LDS music app are female which may be a function of being a music app which generally lean female in general). Interestingly, the Islamic apps lean male with the Muslim Pro app being almost 80% male in audience.

LDS music great way to target younger generation

An interesting statistic is the difference between the LDS music and Gospel Library app. The LDS music app has a spike among the 18–29 age segment while the Gospel Library app spikes with the 30–49 age segment. The Islamic apps in general lean older than the other religious apps with 50% of Athan Pro’s users being over the age of 50! This last part is very interesting since older folks generally don’t use smartphones at the high levels.

Closely mirrors off-app trends — start of Ramadan led to more downloads for Muslim apps

Lastly, if you look at downloads you can see that it mirrors the real world closely. The Bible app has a spike in downloads every Sunday! Similarly, both of the Islamic apps got a large spike after June 5th when the Muslim holiday month of Ramadan started!


Like any other area of our lives, religion is being increasingly consumed through smartphones. In our next report, we will dive deeper into the engagement and retention metrics of the various religious themed apps.

This post originally appeared on July 7, 2016 on the blog of SurveyMonkey Intelligence, a competitive intelligence product for mobile apps.

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