React is an open-source JavaScript library. React is the most used front end library for building modern, interactive front end web apps. It can also be used to build mobile apps by using React Native.

React follows single source of truth but what if we want to write a method inside an object model that requires access to a property that only exists in a different model! How can we give this model access to the other model’s properties? This is where states and props takes a major part.

Props — it allows us to pass values into our components,Props cannot be changed and you cannot directly modify a property of a component. Props are inherited from another parent component to its child component.

State — But when we need to change our object we take the help of React state. To use state it has to be class-based components. State use this.setState to change the object by using a function. We usually assign it to an event handler (onClick, onSubmit, etc)

In conclusion, props are read-only, can’t be modified other hand state changes async.

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