“I do not believe in evolution.”

You’ve probably must have heard this statement ever in life.

Leonard Eisenberg / Evolution Theory

You may have heard that statement some in life, and it’s likely that the sender of this statement did not have much knowledge about the theory and science. Science does not work with beliefs, regardless of beliefs, and the theory of evolution, as well as any other universal science area, do not have belief, we just need to understand it and understand it. Science is but a method, it is a set of facts and information the scientific process is a system of knowledge that are elaborated statements, with truth claim. These statements must pass a rigid scientific method verification process, after which they are accepted or not.

Let’s make a comparison: you do not believe 2+2 are 4, you know it’s, because you have the knowledge that the sum of two units with two more are 4.

The facts, as well as 2+2, will not change if 1% or 99% of people, believe or not. What you, or anyone who believes or does not believe, it has any importance for science. Therefore, when you hear, or speak, who believes in evolution or not, know that it is a wrong statement mistaken. Usually when scientists and teachers, utter what “believe” at evolution they, most likely, say figuratively to express more didactically.

Therefore. I do not believe in evolution, I understand.
Science is something to grasp and understand, and not to believe.

Adapted and revised text in English by Smachs.
Original Post by Universe Rationalist.