Incel Nation: One Third of Young Men Are Now Celibate — That’s Three Times As Many Incels as in 2008

The typically feminist Washington Post once again refuses to notice how bad things are for young males. In its recent story titled “The Share of Americans Not Having Sex has Reached a Record High” the WaPo (link goes to San Jose Mercury News to avoid the paywall) doesn’t get to the real point of the story until almost three-quarters of the way through.

Namely, in the 10 year period between 2008 and 2018, the percentage of males under 30 reporting “no sex” whatsoever in their lives has TRIPLED. Today almost 30 percent of young males report having no sex at all.

For a couple of years I’ve been a bit mystified at the extreme popularity of the feminist screech “these men feel entitled to sex!” Now it makes more sense. Almost a third of young men are getting NO SEX AT ALL. Of course we need some sort of shame-driven explanation for why this is entirely their fault.

The one thing feminist society will never admit is that modern males are less privileged, and need more help from society, than women. The truth is, technology has replaced men, far faster than it has women. Men’s bodies are no longer useful — factories are automated, society protects women and lets them lead free, independent lives. Ironically, in a society built by men, males are now irrelevant.

Many young men are simply not equipped to deal with a world where young women are amazing and perfect no matter what they do, and young males are evil, privileged,”toxic” entitled beasts whose only role is to give endless support to help women get the recognition women deserve.

No matter how miserable men are, or how much men suffer, society will ALWAYS be directed back to helping women be better off. That’s why society exists.

That’s why every story that shows men killing themselves at four times the rate of women always buries this fact, and makes the story about “gun violence” and “toxic masculinity.” Men aren’t suffering — they’re just screw-ups!

While the liberal media wrings their hands about the “lack of women in STEM” and “sexual harassment” and “#metoo” they’ve ignored the fact that the modern world is rapidly filling up with guys like this:

Scott Beierle

Alek Minassian

Elliot Rodger

And unfortunately, I strongly suspect this is only going to get worse. There will be no help to get young males adjusted to the modern world. Western culture has turned into self-consuming parasitism. Women are the only thing that matter, and depressed, suicidal, lonely males are at the bottom of society’s priorities. Let’s just pop out more babies and let in more immigrants to balance out the men we don’t want.

This is truly terrifying for the future, because it’s building a massive army of young men like the ones I listed above. We have a simmering stew of angry, lonely, isolated young males who will NEVER get real help (just demands that they change, and of course, help women).

We’re just waiting for the next one to explode. As a father of two young boys, I am truly afraid for the future, for them, and for young males in general.

Now back to your regular programming about the “wage gap” and “toxic masculinity” and how young women are oppressed and young men are privileged.