this predatory behavior is still an issue that I feel obligated to voice as a woman. In the end, loneliness does not justify. You might act out because you feel lonely, but your actions have caused me to feel as if my life’s in danger. Loneliness and fearing for your life aren’t equal feelings.
The Women
Arniecea Arnay

Men aren’t predators. The greatest threat of harm out there is a man killing himself, if you read the numbers honestly. Last year, over 30,000 men killed themselves; only about 1,500 women were killed by their male partners.

If you listen to the media, you’d think there are men everywhere killing women; you hardly ever hear about men killing themselves. SURPRISE! That’s a completely inaccurate picture.

If you’re scared of men, men should be UTTERLY TERRIFIED of themselves. They’re way more dangerous to themselves than you.

The whole point is that most of these actions aren’t “predatory.” Lumping in a guy who is awkward with serial rapists etc is the problem. You’re seeing predators everywhere, when in fact most of them are just awkward men created by the culture.

These guys are this way because women hardly ever interact with them. If your response is to be more afraid, and interact even less, guess what? There will be more of these guys.

Fortunately they’re probably harmless to you. Men kill themselves at least 20 times more often than they kill women. So your fear is misplaced. If you’re afraid of men, men should be UTTERLY TERRIFIED of themselves, given the suicide rates.