The Sharing Economy Was Always a Scam
Susie Cagle

Nobody advocating for “fairness” ever talks about the negative side of “fairness” — the sharing of risk, of downsides, of taking something away to give it to others. That’s always very much hidden and not discussed. The only thing appealing about “fairness” is the benefit. So that’s all anyone ever talks about.

Sure, “sharing” sounds great from the perspective of getting more stuff/services/advantages. But there’s always a negative to sharing — for everyone who gets MORE stuff, someone else gets LESS stuff.

In order for sharing to truly be effective, all parties have to share both that loss, as well as the benefits of what is being shared. And that’s really hard to do. Nobody wants to share in risk. Everyone wants to share in benefit.

So there’s always a game of hot potato going on. Everyone is chasing to “share” in benefits of stuff, while at the same time, running to escape the part where they LOSE something so someone else can “share” it.

Then, eventually, the “loss” part of sharing always catches up with you, and you’re frustrated — “hey, this isn’t just free stuff after all.”