This Is Silicon Valley
Gloria Liou

The major problem with your perspective is your absolutely blind assumption that somehow “diversity” will make all of this better. There’s absolutely no evidence that this is true.

Silicone Valley is a bunch of elitists. Make them more diverse, and they’ll just be a diverse bunch of elitists.

Everyone in Silicone Valley is doing these things of their own free will. There’s no overarching conspiracy or dictatorship forcing them to do this. These people are the most liberal people in the nation.

They are literally the ones enforcing social justice norms and ideas about diversity and liberalism. They judge the rest of the nation as “MAGA country” and hate us. And yet …. their lives suck. Their cities suck.

They are vicious to each other, they are ruthless in their competition and efforts to surpass each other. From Hillary Clinton’s monsters ruling the Democratic party with an iron fist, to the victim Olympics and #metoo, nothing these people do is in any way “good.” It’s just snobbish, bossy, and elitist.

Why did you cry when Harvard rejected you? You thought you WERE the best. Why does everyone compete so desperately? Because they have huge egos and start out with the presumption that they are way better than everyone else. It’s all downhill from there.

This liberal elitism — “we’re AMAZING, if only we could force people to be more diverse” is bullshit. Nobody wants to live like these people live unless they’re elitists and think they’re better than everyone else and know better than everyone else.