Who am I?

...umm.... Hi! I’m Stacey. I’ve been wanting to do this now for a long time so what better start than a brand spanking new year! 2017 was a rollercoaster year for me full of serious highs and serious lows. I intend on making 2018 a fantastic year and I would love to get to know some of you and see your own journeys this year and I’d love if you would also join me on mine as I make some big changes. Because you’re never too old to try out something new! Life is meant to be lived!

My brother told me today that you must take steps to be able to make an impact so I’m trying that by first giving up worrying!!! You see, I’m a terrible worrier. I worry about everything! Especially things that haven’t even happened yet! How crazy is that right! I have such a bad habit of worrying that it drives everyone around me crazy! I had a lovely start to 2018 today. My brother picked me up and we went for breakfast in a local restaurant, which was actually super busy considering it’s January 1st! We had such a lovely time chatting about future plans, aspirations and how we can change our and other’s lives.

Afterwards I met my dad for a walk in the national park. We are trying to outdo ourselves every day by walking more and more steps. Today we did 17,000 but last week we did 27,000 in one day so we were pretty delighted with that. During the walk he gave me some really good advice, he said I needed to stop worrying as I had nothing to worry about and to relax, chill out and go and have fun. That if I can relax and stop worrying then I’ll feel better in myself and those around me with also feel more relaxed. He said you are brilliant with people, you make others feel good about themselves, so start making you feel good about YOU!

So this year I still intend on helping others while also becoming the best version of myself! Hopefully you, my lovely readers, will be able to help me with my worry issue ;-) giving me advice on how to de-stress and what steps I can take!

Growing up I was the only Stacey in my small Irish town so everyone knew me! Not always the ideal thing in a tiny Town 😂 you can imagine I couldn’t ever get away with anything. Boys called me “Malibu Stacey" as a teenager after Lisa Simpsons Barbie doll! And it’s a name that stuck with some of my friends right up to today!

I called this blog "OhNoGirl" as it’s a phrase that my friends think I use a lot to talk about so many things in life! (I’ll get into that more later!) But for example, If they asked me “Did you do that!?” I’d reply “Oh no Girl!” so it seemed appropriate to call my blog by this name.

I absolutely love Dogs, hence the pic above, and would eventually love a farm (a stylish one, in a warm, sunny climate, of course) with a few dogs and some pigs! My dream trip would be to go to Bermuda to swim with the pigs in the Carribbean sea! ☀️ I love freckles, kind, funny people and jumping waves! If you wanna get to know more about me, then please hit the Follow button and feel free to ask me questions. 
Looking forward to fun, adventures, sunshine and an exciting 2018! .