Bullet Point the FT: 11/19/16

FT Weekend

  • Tokyo’s other option in the face of weakening partnership with the US would be worse: a lean towards China by making concessions in its territorial dispute over the islands
  • Recently released correspondence shows that IBM insisted to Kubrick (2001 A Space Odyssey) that the psychotic HAL must not be seen as one of its products. By dropping back one letter in the alphabet IBM became HAL. Of course, it could have been coincidence; the odds against this are 17,576 to 1
  • Check on the Wagner Act — in regard to the ‘The Forgotten Man’, a tiger of labor law that makes current statute looks like a neutered pussycat
  • Samsung Electronics this week laid out its ambitions in smart car technology with the announcement of an $8bn buyout of US components supplier Harman International Industries
  • The company (Samsung) told the FT earlier this week it believes that 90% of cars will be equipped with smart technology in the next 10 years (up from 40% today)
  • Mr Gundlach said more pain was coming for sticks that had benefited inordinately from the previous market regime “I strongly advise people to stay away from the [FANGs] in a big way”
  • in 1980, as part of Deng Xiaoping’s reforms, Shenzen was designated a special economic zone: a test ground for a more freewheeling, capitalist system under Chinese communism
  • Somewhere along the line of humanity, by default, designed the gangular tentacular beast that runs the planet [the Internet]
  • The internet has a rawness, a Darwinian evolutionary texture
  • I guess we’re using the Internet as a collective Rorschach of the human hive mind
  • Clip art is the visual equivalent of styrofoam packaging peanuts
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