Powering Djibouti With Kohler Diesel Generators

Commercial generators are a necessity in Djibouti. Electricity generated from thermal power plants form the mainstay of the power sector in Djibouti. Since these power plants run on imported fossil fuels, the cost of electricity generated is very high. In the face of unreliable service, it becomes necessary to use commercial generators in Djibouti for all business operations.

The Current Energy Sector in Djibouti

Thermal power plants running on imported petroleum products generate most of the electricity in Djibouti. The rest is imported from Ethiopia. Due to this, the cost of the electricity generated is very high and is an impediment to business and manufacturing units. Most of Djibouti’s population is urban. However, the rate of electrification remains very low. This is due to the high costs involved in obtaining an electricity connection. Most of the rural population still uses firewood for cooking and eating while the urban population uses kerosene stoves. The high cost of kerosene is an inhibiting factor, especially for poor households. The existing power generation capability is insufficient and struggles to keep up with the demand. The transmission lines are also inadequate. This often creates power outages in the country. However, these deficiencies create a market for the generator suppliers in Djibouti and provide a great business opportunity. The Djibouti government is also focusing on exploring alternate avenues like its renewable energy resources like solar, wind and geothermal resources. Djibouti has great potential for developing its geothermal resources for generating electricity. In the short to medium term, wind energy can also be harnessed to fulfill the energy demands of the country.

Powering Through SMAG Kohler Diesel Generators


Availability of power in Djibouti can best be termed as unreliable. Hence, commercial generators are essential for any successful business to function continuously. The ongoing wave of development projects has provided attractive investment opportunities in all sectors of the economy. The growth in the industry leads to an increase in demand for electricity and a resultant rise in sales of generators in Ethiopia. Producers of high-quality commercial generators provide a range of generators suitable for different needs and different specifications. Reputed generator suppliers in Djibouti like SMAG Djibouti also provide support for businesses to start up, commission and maintain full functionality of generators for years. Generator suppliers like SMAG Djibouti, also provide a range of generators for businesses or projects who prefer to rent rather than buy a generator.

Authorized Dealer of Kohler Power Generators in Djibouti

Saeed Mohammed Al Ghandi and Sons (SMAG), with an experience of over 50 years, is a strategic player in the distribution of marine and other commercial generators and parts in the Middle East and East Africa region. SMAG Djibouti, a representative office has been set up in Djibouti, to service the growing market in Djibouti. The SMAG Djibouti office based at K12 Arta Road, Djibouti Free Zone supports sales, technical & parts staff with access to an extensive distribution center located in the UAE; all of which is ISO 9001 accredited. More information about the products and services provided is available at SMAG Djibouti