Kobelco Mini Excavators in UAE— Your Smart Choice in Construction


The rise in the infrastructure projects and construction has led to a growth spurt and demand for the heavy construction equipment. A wide range of innovative and technologically superior equipment promising safety and productivity are in use extensively in the UAE. This has served to increase the productivity by quickening its pace in construction field due to its sophisticated yet easy to handle technology provided by this equipment. The heavy equipment available in UAE is numerous. But the most common one seen is the mini excavator.

The mini excavator makes the construction work easier. It requires training to handle this heavy equipment but it is very easy to handle when compared to the other construction vehicles. They are specialized in particular tasks which are impossible to be performed by the other heavy machines.

What is a Mini Excavator?


Also known as the compact excavator mini excavator is the construction vehicle which is used for digging and transporting small construction materials. It gets its name due to its size. The advantage of this equipment is that it can get into smaller space when compared to other large heavy vehicles. Even though the size is small this equipment is strong and can perform in a powerful manner.

Handled by the specialist, this equipment is used for digging as well as demolition. It is also used to carry the waste material, rubble, gravel from the construction sites. They are generally used for small to medium size construction works.

The attachments in a mini excavator can vary according to its usage. There are basically two types of mini excavators- the tail swing excavator and the zero-tail-swing excavator.

Tail swing excavator: These types of excavators have a rear counterweight which stabilizes the machine during operation and counter balances the weight in the bucket. It has more lifting capacities as well as greater arm and bucket force all of which is due to the larger space due to its counterweight. The cab of the tail swing excavator has more space thus providing comfort to the operator. The tail swing excavator cannot move inside tighter spaces but its capacity is much more compared to other excavators.

Zero-tail excavator: This type of excavator is also powerful and its capacity levels are incomparable especially when it comes to digging in depth. It can move into tight locations due to its size. Zero-tail excavators also have a counter weight, but it rotates within the width of its tracks thus making it easy for the operator to move the vehicles in any small space.

Kobelco Mini Excavators

“Thinking of the future of People and the Earth” is the concept based on which Kobelco supplies each of its machinery. Taking conservation of energy and environment in mind, Kobelco works to preserve the natural resources while keeping the environment safe and products at a feasible price for each customer. The management works towards developing a prosperous society and for this starting from 2016 they have started projects aiming at countries like china and other countries. The project is being aimed to be completed by 2020.

The excavators of Kobelco provide the three E’s which are, Enhancement, Economy, and Environment. This means that by providing enhanced technology and the best fuel efficiency the excavators gives unparalleled performance rate thereby increasing the productivity.

Kobelco does not compromise when it comes to the quality of its products and assures genuine products and equipment to its customers. SMAG UAE a part of the Al Ghandi auto group is the sole distributor for Kobelco construction machinery.