Programming is not about text
Karolis Masiulis

I recently read a article here at Medium about the future of programming. It was about the same thing you are saying: the future programming is not “programming” anymore, it’s kind of “tell” an interface what you app have to do, choose some parameters values and ‘voi-lá’, your app is ready to launch. No more stuck into null values and errors in variables scopes and many others problems that we should not be having already.

I believe that what your saying is the future of programming. But, at the other article, the author thinks that it has to be a change of culture in programmers community, but I don’t think will be that way. I think that someone, or a small group of people, just like you and who’s helping you, will create this new way of programming and that this new way will be so awesome that it will be raising to sky and beyond like a rocket and everybody will adopt it fast. Just like what happened to React and React-Native.

I don’t have, today, enough knowledge in programming to help this kind of revolutionary development, but I’ll be cheering for you and others to accomplish that as soon as possible and in the best way as possible!

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