Boom — Brining Supersonic Travel Back

Hello, dear readers! As you probably have already noticed, my blogs have lately been so far mostly on Aviation. I should state that most of my upcoming blogs will also continue to be on Civil Aviation, but there obviously will be some blogs about topics different from that.

Boom Supersonic presentation in November 15, 2016. Denver, Colorado.

Recently, I had a chance to visit Boom’s presentation of the model of their new supersonic jet. This was November 15 in 2016 and it took place at the Centennial Airport near Denver, Colorado. It was a great presentation, where I had a chance to learn more about Boom Supersonic and perceive it closer. Although I was the youngest guest at the presentation, I probably was able to feel how it feels like to be the leader of this project— and this is probably not just about Blake Scholl, CEO of the Boom Supersonic, but also about the whole team which works on developing this magnificent supersonic jet.

Ok, Boom. How will you bring me the benefit?

There are obviously many ways in which Boom Supersonic could be successful. Let’s consider some of the main ones:

It will be successful because time is important for many businessmen.

It will indeed be successful because of many businessmen

If the oil price is low, this would bring a lot of success to Boom

Lately you have probably been attentive to watching oil prices as they dropped in 2014 drastically and now they keep fluctuating. Oil prices being low is beneficial to basically the whole Aviation, but would be especially beneficial for Boom. The only reason why both Concorde and Boom are relatively expensive to operate is the fact that faster speed aircraft consume much more oil than normal commercial aircraft. Therefore, because oil price is the most dominant factor affecting Boom’s ticket cost, the drop of its price will bring a lot of profit to Boom.

Concorde was also fast… and also, it was a failure. Why would Boom succeed?

  • The seats are not economy class — they will be business class seats. You don’t just spend $5000 for small tiny seats, which Concorde used to have.
  • The Concorde will be even faster (!). It will fly at Mach 2.2 vs Mach 2.0 (Concorde), and although a few tenths of a mach (0.2 mach is roughly 250 km/h)seem not to make a difference, in longer flights it will add up.
  • The Boom supersonic will use much newer technologies, and thus be much more safer and carefully-planned than Concorde.
  • Also, an external factor: time was not as important back in the late 20th and early 21st centuries as much as it is and will be in the next 20 years. Travelling has became much more frequent and accessible. There are more businessmen now in this world, and time for them plays more role. Therefore, this will allow this high-tech startup to be successful.

General conclusion

Even if we just consider the history of Aviation, over the period of time flying has became much more accessible to more people, and thus much more popular. This can also be simply proven by what Boom will promote — the $5000 seats for this “fast bus” for long routes will not be for Economy class. Instead, the seats will be much more comfortable, making it reasonable for businessmen to choose Boom over other airplanes to travel. This also thus makes travel even more accessible and faster travel sensible, given that the luxury of aviation now will not only be the comfort and the experience, but also the time spent.

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