The Heroes of Politics: The new era of trust

Hello, my dear readers! I am back at blogging. Let’s get started.

Why to write a blog on Heroes of Politics, and what it is?

I am myself a freshman student at Concord Academy.

At Concord Academy, I have a 10th grade student friend named Aashir Sinha, and considering many different ideas, we have decided to start our own app startup. The app will be called “The Heroes of Politics” and it is an app that will allow people to follow their favorite politicians and get news on them from various different sources. The unique aspect of this app is that we are not producing content, and instead gathering it, so the customer will be able to receive various opinions on a specific politician’s actions, from both sides of the political spectrum, creating political tolerance and knowledge on what both parties argue. Currently, as we saw in the 2016 presidential election, political intolerance on both sides, has become a national dilemma, with not only Trump supporters violently attacking many Hillary supporters, but many Trump supporters, themselves, being attacked, because of their presumably “racist” or “misogynistic” beliefs, yet many of them may have supported Trump for other reasons. These misbeliefs on both sides, has caused fear throughout the United States, and our product plans to educate people on the beliefs of all sides of the political argument, in order to eradicate this conflict.

My position in producing this app is Technical Co-Founder. I will be in charge of mainly programming the app using the Java language in order for us to upload the app into the Play Store, and I will also be helping with Marketing. Aashir Sinha, as mentioned above a 10th grade student at Concord Academy, will mainly be in charge of Marketing. Anuj Sehgal, a Senior Graphic Designer from New Delhi, India, will contribute to our app by helping with design as well as being my assistant for programming. We also have Aayaushya Agarwal, a 10th grade student from Wesley College, Melbourne, Australia, who will be the advisor on Marketing.

So how is this app beneficial for people?

The unique secret sauce of this app is that this app will have completely no bias. Well, it is very interesting to hear that, right? How is it completely unbiased, an app on politics?

Well, first of all, we will not create/produce any content, but instead, gather it into one source. Given that we will not produce any content, we will thus be not a biased app and instead “gather the bias” around into one place.

Secondly, as already stated, we will “gather the bias” into one place and will have also described the“bias” (the news source) — or even better, instead of describing, mention the source name. If it is a famous source, people will know what political view, for example, will it have. The “gathered bias” will be, as already mentioned, from various different sources — for example, the sources could have different political views, one being a more liberal source, while the other one — more conservative.

Lastly, this app will help people themselves understand how biased are the sources themselves, thus educating them not only in the content present by various sources itself, but also about the way different sources expose their “biased-ness”.

Also, this app will not only gather news from different sources. It will also include photos, videos, articles, and other forms of communication about a certain politician.

How can you “gather the bias” — what kind of execution is required?

This app will use the data scraping algorithm to gather the data from various sources. Regarding that, we will have a conversation with our head of Computer Science department.

How is this a “new era of trust”?

Political information has always and will always have some sort of bias and miscommunication. By creating a “new era of trust”, our project will not completely abolish bias in the project, bu rather educate people to determine what is biased and what makes it biased.

Indirectly, as already mentioned, our project will be educational for our audience. By seeing different sources, the users of the app will understand the difference in the way they formulate and deliver the news.

Why “The Heroes of Politics”?

We are currently considering and discussing if we do need to change our company name to a one-word long so it could be concise but meaningful at the same time. However, there is a lot benefit already with our current name.

Not only it is descriptive enough for people — and the word “hero” really fits into the politics industry — but it also is unique and not repeated. Aashir Sinha and I have conducted a small research on the play market and we did not find any apps associated with this name having a close idea like ours. Therefore, this app could easily “stand out”.

So far, so good?

These are yet our company’s plans. If you would like to learn more about this startup or you have any questions, feel free to email me

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