Environmental Portrait

Mathew B. Brady who was one of the very first photographers in American history in 1860's is an inspiration in my activity this week. He was a remarkable photographer who went beyond his imagination to risk his life and take pictures in world war II to show people of those times that what is really going on in real war and how violent and kills must be stopped. As a part of his work he took many pictures from president of the United States Abraham Lincoln before his presidency to promote his campaign when photography was not common.

Mathew B.Brady (The very First Selfie)

Photo shown below is the very first selfie’s that was ever taken by Brandy and it made me inspired to take a selfie of my environment portrait and try something different using an iPhone on portrait mode and a couple of books and papers to keep the iPhone in a perfect position.

Photo taken at Hyperion Water Treatment Plant in Playa Del Mar, California)

The lighting in this photo is natural as sun shining on my right side of the photo creating a shadow on my left side. I really like that fact that the background is blurry and creates an impression on what I do. Me looking at the sun sort of explains my future goal according to my past and current effort.

I also did try to have fun with my set up and took a few more pictures and the one below is one of my favorite ones because of it’s contrast, color and the way my hands are leaning towards each other in a meeting room.

What I think I will do next time is to work on the natural light more. Based on my experience taking picture in the evening and early morning has a perfect natural light.