How to save your relationship and be happy before it is fukin late

There is only one fucking true solution to save every relationship on this earth. I wish I knew this before mine was over.

If you are reading this then probably you have gone through or is going through a similar kind of situation in your life and I’m sorry because of that.

NO , this ain’t any fucking ad to sell a getyourexback bullshit package.

Instead, consider this as a small gift from me to you and everyone else.

I did every fucking mistake in my past relationship that one can ever imagine.

So, I know what you feel now because I too have felt it and can still feel the pain. But believe me, nothing crazy can bring back the happy moments of you past, rather you need to create your own. Yes, you need to fucking create your own happiness. Do not blame yourself , your partner and your relationship just because you were not happy.

How to create your own happiness ?

You create your own happiness when you are true to yourself. This appears so simple to be true to oneself. But believe me, this is fucking hard. Just imagine how many times you have lied to yourself and did what you didn’t want to. Ask yourself how many times in a day, you did what you have really wanted, you will get the answer. If you are true to yourself, you will automatically become true to everyone including your girlfriend and boyfriend. Believe me, this can save your relationship. Do you want to know how ? Just count the number of times you went into a spat with your grilfriend or boyfriend because of a lie that you said to make him or her happy ? I’m sure you will find your answer.

So, please do not fucking lie.

Just tell the truth that, “you were so tired last night, that you unwittingly slept while talking to your him or her” or that, “you were just not in the mood to go to that party with her and also tell her why”. I’m sure he or she will accept and respect your decision.

I think I have understood one advantage of being in a relationship.

Relationships expose our weaknesses. It points out what exactly is the problem with you. Think of it as a feedback system in your life. Your partner is not happy because he or she doesn’t like something in you. But, do not be so stupid to ask him or her blindly , what is your weakness. Try to know with your experience what makes him or happy and what not. Do not ever think that whatever you like, he or she must be liking it , only because you think your wavelength matches with his. For the heavens sake , if you think so, you are immature to be in a relationship. Every single person in this world is different. Do not believe me ! Go and get a DNA test and compare it with your partner. See ! We are not programmed to be the same. So, our likes and dislikes must also be different. Knowing these differences and respecting them , but still loving your partner is what true love is. Isn’t it ?

So, fucking respect the differences between you and your partner.

Relationships have an intricate bond with your true self.

It reflects what you actually are and what you are not. I’m telling you this because I want you to realize that everything that you do can create or destroy every moment of the happiness in a relationship. It is always you and your partner from where everything starts and ends. The whole relationship is what you and your partner create. Imagine, you are using a third quality material to construct a building because you do not like spending money. But know very well that it can take your and your partner’s life.

All I wanted to say is that you should not get carried away by your egocentric behavior. Try to see the difference between the good or bad

So, drop your fucking ego.

A sweet smile at the corner of your lips can make wonders.

Celebrate your happiness and share it with your partner by smiling. I didn’t know the power of smile until my relationship was over.

So, you need to fucking smile when you are with him or her.

You create your identity through your deeds.

People judge you by the words and the way to present yourself. Yes, none of us in this world can communicate through telepathy. So, you have to say what you really mean to say and do what you really mean to do. This ensures that you are true to yourself. So, never stop yourself to communicate your love and also never stop yourself to communicate your anger. Once you do that your partner will know your likes and dislikes. If you don’t , then you are putting your partner in a false position who will never know your likes and dislikes.

So, fucking say what you really mean to say.

Stop complaining and grow a habit of saying only the positive outcomes of anything that happens in your life.

Just as I said before people will always judge you by what you do, even if you do not mean it. This is the sad truth of life on earth. So, if you are growing a habit of showing that you always point out the positive in anything, others will be automatically get attracted to you.

Doing this one can become a magnet to attract others because one little secret of human is that they always get attracted to love and affection.

So, start being fucking positive.

Can you see what is common to all the above points ?

— — — — — — — — — — YOU — — — — — — — — —

You are the center points around which all these points revolves. It is not the relation or your partner who needs to be changed , it is you who needs to change. There is no miracle that one can do to achieve this. The true solution is within you and you know it.

It is amazing to note that, you are the problem and you are also the solution. The solution is not to follow the above points mechanically and see the result happen. But the true solution to save every relationship on this earth is to start LOVING and nothing else. This is not only the love that you have for others, but also the love that you have for yourself.

Start loving yourself first, all the above points will automatically follow. The day you stop caring about others and do what you want to do, consider that you are on the right path. I know someone who actually left his job and does what he wants to do in his life. Although this doesn’t seem to be related to relationships, this is what your attitude should be.

So, stop giving a fuck to everyone. Love yourself first. Once you do that you get back your self-confidence , your self-esteem , your respect and your true self. You will start becoming independent of your partner.

Once you are able to do that , you become attractive again to your partner. No one will value you if you do not value your thoughts , your deeds and yourself.

So, start with LOVE. This is the online true solution that can save your relationship. If not, it will save your life.

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