Architecture, Poems, Dance and Coding….

A must watch for all those who seek/see design patters in every aspect of life.

Architecture, from very early days of human civilization, has been one of the most prominent method of expression our dreams and aspirations.

Like in any field, a great architect can create a beautiful structure — just like a great poet writing a beautiful poem, just like a great painter making a beautiful painting and even a great programmer producing a beautiful code.

I got connected to architecture during our 2000 Thanksgiving visit to Armstrongs (Susan/Rex) at Phoenix, AZ. I was mesmerised by Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and I started to observe/learn the patters that exist across all fields. That realization has helped me a lot to learn over the years and grow. I talk about it all the time to my team (though the example I often give them is Hrithik Roshan’s dance sequences in Hindi movies!)

Enjoy the Ted talk. This is one of the good examples of Design Thinking.