A Guide to Choosing the Right Font Style for Your Website

When it comes to website design, the little things often have the biggest of impacts. However, we often tend to ignore these little things and that’s one of the reasons why our website fails to make the desired impact. One such thing is the font that you use for the text on your website.

So, why is the font so important? Well, the text is perhaps the only thing that your users would consciously look at. They would read the information provided on your website. Now, how you present the information plays a great role on how well your audience perceives that information. The font style is an important part of that presentation. Therefore, you would need to put in some thought before you choose the right font for your website. In the following post, we would be taking that some of the things that you consider before choosing the right font for your business.

Keeping it Simple

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that you should keep the font as simple as possible. Try to avoid intricate and complicated fonts that that would extra effort from the user. Users would not want to put in that extra effort to read text. Therefore, you need to keep the font as simple as possible.

Simple fonts also make it easy for mobile users to read your website. Complicated fonts are tedious to read on a small screen, even if the page resizes to fit the dimensions of a small screen. Since, mobile users form a majority of the traffic coming to your website, you cannot afford to lose out on them. So, choosing simple font style is really the way to go.

Go for Variety

Variety is also a thing that you should pursue when you are thinking about choosing the right font for your website. Nowadays, you have text of different sizes on a website. Now, for the text for different sizes, you can go with different font styles. This would add more texture and more character to your individual lines of text.

Choosing the Right Color

If you are talking about ‘font style’, then you should also pay a good deal of attention behind the color that you use for the fonts. Here, too, you must go for simplicity. Try to go for basic colors like black and white. However, other colors might also be used, especially in the header text. Always try to ensure that the color of the font is in stark contrast to the background. This would make the text legible and attractive to your target audience.

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