Get the best look for your kitchen

You don’t want to be piled on with other 5 million families that live on pizza and frozen TV dinners until their entire kitchen is remodeled right? So it is important to focus on the resources you have available and do all the homework you can before investing in this mammoth task.

As per the material there is a bountiful of options available in the market and you may as well be overwhelmed by it all. There are many options like hardwood, lacquered finishes, veneers and more than a 100 different styles and configurations and designs they come in. Just make sure you know what will go right with your design style and persona.

The Mandarin kitchens have recessed panels as well as wide stiles to choose from. You can choose from a wide range of authentic hand painted kitchen cabinets. Whether it is a contemporary look or a traditional one the hand painted kitchen cabinets is a dynamic range of collection that can create any look you desire.

Painted kitchen cabinets collection of Mandarin kitchens comes in black walnut finish as well as in classic oak finish. The design of these cabinets is reminiscent of the oriental pagoda roofs. According to the latest trends island cabinets are best suited to natural wooden finishes when they are tinted with bold and vibrant shades.

Each part of the cabinets can be uniquely hand painted or painted in their entirety. Whether your home is a lovely country cottage or a chic London loft, these cabinets come in all sorts of style and hues to complement either. Remodeling or replacing old kitchen cabinetry is the priciest job in any kitchen reconstruction. So it is important that you put your money where it will count. All your old cabinets which are now sturdy, plump, square and definitely not in tune with modern style and design can be updated easily with a few simple tweaks in the right places, like for example a few drilling, sanding or painting works here and there can refinish and uplift the look of the whole room.
You can also consider having the old ones refaced with veneers that costs much less than replacing the whole set. Other inexpensive upgrades that you can add to your kitchen to enhance its functionality are things like, lazy, Susan’s, pull out shelves etc. another important installation to think about are under cabinet task lights. These come in handy in places where your family members read recipes, do their homework or dice veggies and is a must have for all modern day kitchens.

Speaking about the basic types of kitchen cabinets, there are three main types:

Basic Cabinets:
Also often known as Stock cabinets are the most inexpensive kind, they are also the easiest to assemble and get installed readily. Many such designs use a frameless construction to keep it as simple as can be. The doors often do not have a ‘reveal’ or lip around them in these types of cabinets.

Midlevel Cabinets:
Most kitchens go for these nowadays. They are sort of semi-custom design cabinets. Some of them use a face-frame construction. In this type the solid wood frame can be seen around the doors and drawers.

Premium Cabinets:
They are custom-made-to-order cabinets which provide maximum storage space and are also the highest in-style.

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