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Andrew Fulton 2017 season
Jan 6, 2017 · 3 min read

Do you keep a sketchbook? What do you fill it up with?

A sketchbook seems to be all I keep at the moment, I’m not doing much other drawing. Mostly four panel comics that will fit nicely on instagram. It was supposed to be a Trick to get me drawing more again, but it’s become my whole practice now. There’s not much better than filling up a page with nonsense. Lots of things that look like poems. Half-jokes and daft rhymes and many sexualised meat-lumps.

Tell me about your favourite pen?

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At the moment they are these plasticky Staedtler Triplus Fineliners you can get at Officeworks. The ends wear out much quicker than I’d like but they come in a stack of different colours and mix really well with the brush pens and copics I’ve been using to colour things in.

What’s deader — Print or Mail?

After Australia Post jacked the price waaaay up on stamps on us halfway through the last season I’m tempted to say Mail. Hopefully it hangs on for a bit longer though.

What’s a good comic you’ve read recently?

I really liked the new Ganges by Kevin Huizenga. Always such a great mix of classic comics storytelling and noodly formalism. The story of Glenn and Wendy bends back on itself with explorations of the soil cycle and geological time. And there’s a great bonus section Comix Skool at the end.

Also Bailey Sharp’s T. Bailey’s Plain was one of the highlights of previous seasons, this story of high-school anxieties came out through one of the ShortBox packages this year. Bailey’s comics are beautiful and discomforting.

Matt Emery put you in a comic and made you drink Zebra cum.


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You can see more of Andrew’s comics at You could also follow him on instagram or twitter at or

The Minicomic of the Month Club is an annual subscription series of Australian and New Zealand Cartoonists. Subscriptions are open for the 2017 season, you should go ahead and subscribe at

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