Anthony Woodward
Feb 15, 2018 · 5 min read

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Do you keep a sketchbook? What do you fill it up with?

My main art practice is centred around drawing in my sketchbook. This used to be more typical sketchbook work, drawing from real life but now it’s more centered around more finished drawings from my imagination.

Yetis and abandoned(?) building seem to be a recurring theme — at least in your instagram. Can you talk a little about that? Where does this come from?

As a lot of my work comes out of a spontaneous sketchbook practice, I draw whatever comes to mind. I find myself returning to themes as there’s something soothing or interesting about them that seems to scratch an itch. I can’t really explain the Yeti fascination all that well, I’ve often seen them as these down to earth back to nature chilled out types. There’s something about that that’s funny to me. I also have a fascination with architecture and drawing buildings. This has kind of morphed into drawing broken or abandoned places, junk yards and rubbish heaps. Discarded pieces and scrap metal. I was thinking about this just the other day and thought maybe that it’s a reflection of a rut I feel like I’m in with certain aspects of my life. The abandoned building or the junk heap is something that used to have value but it’s now forgotten. But then you can still find value in something that has been overlooked or discarded. I feel drawn to these junky collections because I feel like our lives are these collections of scraps and bits and pieces. We cobble together what we can and make the most out if our situation, and in many ways we’re the better for it.

Do you have a sweet studio setup or do you draw on the kitchen table?

For most of my drawing time I’ve done the kitchen table thing. More recently I have a little desk setup, but it’s not entirely necessary and only use it when I need some focused time. I carry around a backpack or shoulder bag most of the time and always have a sketchbook and my little tin with my pens and pencils in it.

Tell me about your favourite pen. Or brush. Or pencil.

The pen that I have used mostly is a Staedtler technical pen 0.5. Technical pens are a strange holdover piece of stationary from when before drafting was digital. They’re pretty inflexible pens and take a bit of maintenance. But I like that I can refill it and not have to rely on restocking at some specialty art store. The pen itself is designed to give a fairly consistent and even line, which at times I have wanted to get away from, trying out various brush pens and nibs. But, I always keep coming back to this pen though like an old friend. More recently I’ve been using a finer refillable quill type pen for cross hatching.

What’s a good comic/book you’ve read recently?

I came across this web comic and was really taken by it — — I had been thinking about a particular landscape setting for my comic and then I saw this and loved how he played with space across the page. It made me think how I might be able to use the landscape differently in comics.

What do you love about making minicomics?

The sense of completion you get when you finish the comic and put it together. I love it when someone reads it without any prior knowledge of your work and it connects with them. It’s my dream that I could make a comic that lasts into the future and floats around for future readers to find and wonder where it came from.

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Do you have any plans for the comic you’re going to make?

I’ve been playing with this motley crew of characters with a science fiction bent. It’s basically a group of companions that travel around the universe together looking for stuff to do. It’s basically a share house in space. They don’t have the usual concerns of trying to make a living though, so everything they do is for their own intellectual pursuits. It’s an idea I’ve been playing around with and I’d love to explore various stories with these characters. I figure a mini comic might be a good way to see how a comic with them in it looks.

You can see more of Anthony’s work on instagram @awcomix

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