Joshua Santospirito
Sep 14, 2015 · 3 min read

Minicomic of the Month Club 2015

Joshua Santospirito is a comic-maker who lives in Hobart and is constantly dealing with the itchy feet that are telling to get back to the desert. He’s dealing with it remarkably well (other than sobbing every night with pain and longing.

What is your favourite thing to draw? Do you keep a sketchbook? What do you fill it up with?

My favourite thing to draw is …. gee … I just enjoy drawing comic layouts. I guess I enjoy drawing hair … yeah hair is good. And just cross-hatching in general … it takes forever, but it is just so satisfying.

What’s a great comic you’ve read recently?

The Salty River from Twelve Panels Press

Jan Bauer’s “The Salty River”. He stayed at my house in Tassie just before he went to Melbourne to launch it and I got to read it then.

I had read it before in German, but my German is totally shit. So it was great to read it in English, and it was much funnier than I had thought.

What’s the most enjoyable part of the comics making process for you?

Layouts … I totally geek out on layouts. They — are — f&^*) — unreal.

Is print dead?

Nope, I think books and print objects are just about to become highly sought-after designer objects.

Do you remember the last cool thing you got in the mail?

In the mail? I get parcels … kind of often actually … I guess the laasssst cool thing … waaasssss …. ummm … HTML Flowers’s new comic. That was cool.

The Minicomic of the Month Club is an annual subscription series of Australian and New Zealand Cartoonists. Subscriptions are open for the 2015/16 season, you should go ahead and subscribe at

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